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                                                TOUR DATES COMING SHORTLY




                              5/7/19 Alex Curtis' Sonic Brew featuring  George Crowley and Daisy Chute.Love Supreme Jazz Festival.

                                                15/6/19 Alex Curtis' Sonic Brew featuring George Crowley, Peggy's Skylight Club, Nottingham.

                                          2/3/19 Alex Curtis' Sonic Brew featuring Sylwia Bialas and George Crowley.Jazz Cafe Posk, London.

                   16/11/18 Alex Curtis' Sonic Brew featuring Thomas Gould. Royal Albert Hall's Elgar Room for EFG london jazz fest.

                                                                 13/11/18 Alex Curtis' Sonic Brew featuring ANT LAW. Surrey University Pats studio.

                                                         21/9/18 Alex Curtis' Sonic Brew w/ Thomas Gould and Daisy Chute King's Place, London.

                                                      3/10/18 Alex Curtis trio at the Junction w/Luke Fowler/Andy Trim, Loughborough Junction.

                                                             26/7/18 Alex Curtis' Sonic Brew w/ Thomas Gould Pizza Express, Dean Street, London.

                                                        1/7/18 Alex Curtis's Sonic Brew w/Thomas Gould and Daisy Chute. Verdict club, Brighton.

                                                                         2 6/6/18  ACQ featuring Dave O'Higgins on Sax. The Electric Theatre, Guildford.

                                                                     24/5/18 Alex Curtis' Sonic Brew w/Thomas Gould. Pheasantry,Chelsea.

3/2/18  Coco and the Question. The Loft@BTL,Kennington.

15/12/17 Coco and the Question, Pizza Express, Holborn.

1/12/17 Duo with Daisy Chute, Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec, London.

                                                                                   1/12/17 Electro Duo with Daisy Chute, The Library, Covent Garden.                                                                                                         23/12/17 Coco and the Question. The Bull's Head, Barnes.

                                                                 17/11/17 Sextet @London Jazz Festival with Thomas Gould+Daisy Chute.

10/10/17    Quartet. 8.30pm.   The Bear Club Luton.

21/10/17 Quartet. Polish Jazz Cafe Posk, Hammersmith.

4/10/17 Quartet. Surrey University Music Department.

17/9/17 Quartet with ANT LAW. The Bull's Head Barnes.

     7/7/17 trio with Daisy Chute. The Pheasantry, Chelsea, London.

1/7/17  Quartet featuring Dave O'Higgins. The Loft @BTL Kennington, London

9/6/17 Quartet featuring Will Glaser. Cadogan Hall, London.

5/5/17  trio with Daisy Chute. The loft@BTL Kennington, London.

28/4/17 Quartet with Daisy Chute. Verdict Jazz Club, Brighton.

 6/4/17  Quartet. The Magic Garden,Battersea,London.

2/3/17 Quartet with Noemi Nuti/George Crowley. The Pheasantry,Chelsea, London.

15/1/17 Quartet The Loft @BTL Kennington, London.

                    13/1/17 Trio, the Archduke, London.  

8/1/17 Quartet with Daisy Chute, Bull's Head Barnes.

 11/10/16 Quartet, The Loft @BTL Kennington, London.

13/10/16 Quartet, The Magic Garden Pub, Battersea.

3/10/16 Quartet, St.Thomas's Concert Hall, London.

15/9/16 Quartet, Bull's Head Barnes, London.

27/7/16 Quartet, Guy's Hospital Concert Space.

15/7/16 Quartet, The Junction, London.

15/6/16 Quartet, The Magic Garden Pub, London.





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